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Our years-long experience on package making of baked food is accredited to proactive team on package designing and planning. We own professional perspective when we present plans to enterprises. Thanks to our outstanding teams and enterprise strength, we would offer to our customers direct plans, professional advice so that we can start from tailored perspectives to present better services and accurate package to our customers. 

Xinyuheyu has an outstanding team of package making and designing. Experience over the years would provide guaranteed services and precise package to Xinyuheyu and would present tailored precise packaging services to its partners.

Elite team




With years-long experience, Xinyuheyu has created a set of completed management system that has rooted groundwork to realization of various innovation and quality, speedily provided several direct plans of selection to customers and offered comprehensive services on designing and making. 

Business with integrity

With its years-long operation, Xinyuheyu has established sound partnership with many enterprises and has set up good reputation in the field. Xinyuheyu has kept in mind that integrity should be entrenched in all over its enterprise and should serve as the foundation to cooperate with each of its partner. 

Efficient executio