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The future of eight major aspects of paper packaging materials development

Industry news
2017/12/20 11:44
Paper, plastic, metal, glass, four pillars of packaging materials, paper products, the fastest growing, the cheapest price of paper, can be recycled or used as fertilizer plants, but also purify the environment. So, paper packaging materials will be how to develop it? Experts view is as follows:
Packaging paper, cardboard and cardboard quality and lightweight
In order to make full use of natural resources and minimize the costs of postal delivery and transportation, the production of a variety of paper, cardboard and boxboard of low quality is the trend of paper products in various countries in the world at present. China has raised the issue of low quantification in newsprint, letterpress and offset printing paper, sack paper, etc. and has already started to solve it. In the packaging of paper and cardboard and other products should also achieve high quality lightweight and species diversity.
In particular, the largest amount of corrugated paper and kraft linerboard, according to the domestic market demand for high-grade crates, should be appropriate to increase the quality of the original product under the premise of adding three low-volume products, corrugated paper that the new 100g / m2 A variety of kraft paperboard added 21g / m2, 200g / m2 two varieties.
R & D functional food packaging paperboard
China's current single whiteboard paper varieties, there is no distinction between different packaging and classification, but no need for different food production of special food packaging cardboard. Although there are provisions on the raw materials and hygienic indicators of food packaging paper in our country, there is no paperboard type that is specially used for food packaging. Many kinds of food boxes use gray-white paperboard. Pastry boxes, fast food boxes and other imported food packaging cardboard, because they do not have oil resistance, packaging oily food, the oil leakage is quite common.
In the future, we should develop and produce functional specialty paperboards for packing different foods, such as paperboard cardboard for direct importation of foodstuffs such as cakes and pastes, cardboard packaging for semi-finished products for steaming, cardboard packaging for milk, fruit juice, etc. Wait.
Development of composite paper bags
1, small cement bag that is 25 ~ 40kg of cement bags, due to light weight, less damage when handling can be changed from the current four layers of paper bags to two layers of paper packaging, paper bags of cement from the current 80g / m2, to 90 ~ 100 / m2.
2, small food bags, with the reform of China's grain supply and marketing system, small package 5kg, 10kg, 20kg food packaging paper bags more suitable for consumers daily needs. It is recommended that small bags of food (rice, rice, etc.) be produced in double-decker kraft paper bags to replace the bags used conventionally and plastic bags that are easy to get rid of moisture and mildew.
Development of plant fiber snack boxes
As people's awareness of environmental protection and the actual needs of life, disposable paper snack boxes and other food packaging products popular. However, paper-based fast-food boxes are expensive, so it is highly desirable to develop fast food boxes made of straw, wheat straw, bagasse, and bran fiber as raw materials. Such products are competitive in price. After being used and degraded, these products can be used as fertile land and can be used as livestock feed. The resources are fully utilized and have good economic and social benefits.
Research and development of natural green packaging materials
In addition to being used as a snack box, natural plant fibers (straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, bran husks, etc.) can be crushed or knitted to make convenient bags. Some natural plant fibers are long and strong and more easily woven into grass Bags, bamboo, natural shrubs, wicker, etc. can also be woven into baskets, baskets and other packaging containers or made into a natural bamboo, full of fruits, vegetables, tea, bamboo plywood box can be used for machinery, electrical and other equipment, transport packaging. Natural mineral materials such as clay and ceramic can be made into wine, tea and other packaging, the rock particles will be expanded into light weight perlite, adding a little adhesive, can be made into different shapes of buffer packaging.
Development of a one-time meal-based pulp dedicated cardboard
Its main technical features are:
1, based on China's raw material resources, in view of the shortcomings of straw pulp raw materials, the use of chemical additives to improve the quality of straw pulp to optimize the application of technology to ensure that its performance close to the various physical properties of wood pulp.
2, in the cardboard surface suitable for food packaging processing, so that the finished cardboard with hot water, no leakage, no delamination, oil and heat sealing and other functions. A cost-effective approach is to produce paper cutlery using virgin bleached straw, then recycle waste cutlery to produce non-food packaging paper, thus making full use of fiber resources without polluting the environment and increasing the load on the pulp. At the same time, it can further reduce the production cost of paperboard and recycled paper, and ease the problem of increasingly tense pulp raw materials.
Development and application of honeycomb sandwich cardboard
Honeycomb sandwich paper as the main material, LSQ on behalf of the wooden box I, Ⅱ, Ⅲ three types.
LSQI type, also known as composite materials box. The outer layer of the box uses anti-puncture ability of fiberboard or plywood, the middle of the honeycomb paper core, the inner wall with grass board glued together; LSQ Ⅱ for the whole honeycomb cardboard boxes, that is, honeycomb paper sandwich, both inside and outside with cardboard boxes Glued together, it is the ideal packing of high grade fragile goods; LSQⅢ type lining type packing case adopts corrugated paper box as the box body, the upper and lower walls of the box are padded with honeycomb paperboard, strong shockproof, Insulation, anti-puncture ability.
Honeycomb cardboard packaging by destructive drops, heavy palletizing, real rolling and other experiments, built fragile items damage rate than the wooden box, corrugated boxes were reduced by 50% to 97%; empty box placed 600kg weight test pressure Three months without distortion, and without polystyrene liner; and the same specifications of corrugated boxes weight ratio of 2: 5, can save 60% of cardboard; This new type of carton will become the ideal packaging for export commodities in our country. Its popularization and application will play an active role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in circulation and improving the quality of packaging products in our country.
Development and application of pulp molding products
Pulp molding is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It takes waste paper as raw material and molds a certain shape of paper products on a molding machine by a special mold.
It has four major advantages:
1, raw materials for waste paper, including cardboard, carton paper, white edge paper;
2, the production process by the pulping, adsorption molding, drying stereotypes completed, harmless to the environment;
3, can be recycled and reused;
4, the volume of foam plastic small, overlapping, convenient transportation. In addition to pulp molding for meal boxes, tableware, more to do industrial buffer packaging, the rapid development.


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