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Global pre-coated film industry presents two trends

Industry news
2017/12/20 11:47
Pre-coated film was born about 1989, first in Europe and the United States was widely used until 1996 before entering Asia. At the same time, the European and American countries that previously used the pre-coating technology have announced the ban on the use of the coating instead of the pre-coating. Because of the late arrival of pre-coating technology in Asia, pre-coated films do not account for much of the share in many Asian countries. At present, all the pre-coated films have been used in Japan. Other countries, such as China and South Korea, are in the state of being pre-coated and coated.
        Data show that the pre-coated film as an environmentally-friendly technology after the film, in developed countries have been widely used. In 1996, the United States achieved a complete replacement of coating technology by pre-coating technology and currently has a market share of 95%. Since Europe is the birthplace of water-based coating technology, the pre-coated film was initially slow in its promotion. However, its market share has steadily risen in recent years, reaching 65%. Japan and South Korea started to promote precoating films in the 1990s, and the current market utilization rate has reached about 70% and 50% respectively.
        Our application of pre-coating technology is relatively backward, since 2000, the use of pre-coated film, is still in its infancy. According to the statistics of 2008, the proportion of precoat market in China is only less than 10%. Most of them still use the solvent-based coating technology, accounting for 68%, in addition, water-soluble coating technology also accounts for about 20%.
        Due to the two development trends in the global precoat industry, we can see that "the market prospect of pre-coated film is vast and it is inevitable to replace the application of coating technology to the mainstream." Only the current status quo, low utilization rate of the countries and regions are still in the pre-coating technology alternative, the development period. Many Asian manufacturers have realized the great potential of the precoat market, and their entry will inevitably reduce the mainstream status of European and American manufacturers. The cost of pre-coating the world will also drop.
        Pre-coated film has a good market prospects, and its downstream industries are closely related. Without a certain demand, it is impossible to create a market myth. The pre-coating film downstream industry is the printing industry, including industrial printing market, commercial printing market and special-purpose market. In the field of industrial printing, China has maintained an average growth rate of over 10% in recent years. In the field of commercial printing, currently it is only used for cards and poster advertising light boxes. Digital printing, digital printing and other business is also born and developed, it is estimated that by 2010, the global digital printing industry will occupy the printing market share will rise to 20% to 25%, the annual growth rate of more than 16%. Development of professional digital pre-coating has become an inevitable, but also for the pre-coating industry to provide a huge space for development.
        At present, the pre-coating technology is not simply used in the field of printing and packaging. Many international pre-coated film manufacturers have successfully applied them to special industries such as the new building insulation materials in the construction industry and the new insulating materials in the electronics industry. This also provides a broader space for development of the pre-coating film coating industry New direction of development.


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Global pre-coated film industry presents two trends
2017-12-20 11:47:00
Pre-coated film was born about 1989, first in Europe and the United States was widely used until 1996 before entering Asia. At the same time, the European and American countries that previously ...