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Printing quality is the essence of digital printing

Company news
2017/12/20 11:50
In the 2017 American Printing Awards recently concluded, the "glass workshop" that the author's digital printing company printed was awarded a silver medal in the digital on-demand printing category and a folded silver category. "American Printed Awards" expert judges on the quality of digital print quality ratings and high quality offset printing products, like never, will not reduce the requirements, so "glass studio" award shows that the quality of digital print access jury approval.
Although the digital printing industry in recent years, the rapid development in China, subject to printing costs, its wide range of applications are far from Europe and the United States, compared with the United States a thousand or two thousand have been using digital printing to print, our digital printing Or can only stay at one hundred or two hundred or even lower. In addition, Europe and the United States have largely weakened the concept that print is an offset or digital print, with customers focusing only on the quality of the print rather than the print. From this perspective, for China's digital printing companies, print quality is the fundamental business development.
Most digital printing companies are based on digital printing chain store model development, the first is basically a graphic shop, fast printing shop in the form of a very long time to start, all walks of life to feel the basic is low End, low quality, can not be compared with the traditional printing, the advantage is no plate, a little faster, a little less from the print volume, so the graphic shop, fast printing shop has been in a more awkward situation. However, through the efforts of all my colleagues in the graphic printing and printing industry, such a situation has changed little by little. The winning of the American Printing Awards for the "Glass Workshop" is a powerful explanation for the change of printing industry.
Relative to the traditional printing companies, digital printing production management and quality management is not a simple difficulty, some large-scale graphic printing shop every year there are two or three million digital printing orders, delivery cycle requirements are very short, Most are delivered on the same day, the production, process, quality and other challenges are very large. This on the other hand requires digital printing companies to ensure the speed while ensuring product quality.
Print quality is a measure of the quality of print one aspect, but the print behind the design and creativity carried by the same is an important consideration. At this awards ceremony, I was fortunate to have watched all the winning entries from the American Print Awards. They are both works of art, a high degree of integration between design and printing. They are pre-press, print, postpress, craft, The perfect combination of materials, etc .; no good design work, how can have a good print, is the so-called "clever woman without straw." Therefore, design and creativity are equally important to the digital printing industry.
At present, our understanding of creativity and design is still not deep enough. For example, the design cost of building a skyscraper abroad accounted for 10% of the total project cost, we only have 2% -3%; Another example is our home renovation to tens of thousands of design fee, we often think that the cost of decoration materials can be received , But the design fee can not fail to ... ... these examples are not taken seriously design performance. The "pay for design" sense of weakness also occurred in the digital printing industry, for digital printing companies, there is no good idea, what good products; no good design, which good print. Emphasis on the design, development and design, change the digital printing industry image, we can not wait.


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In the 2017 American Printing Awards recently concluded, the "glass workshop" that the author's digital printing company printed was awarded a silver medal in the digital on-demand printing ...
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